The New Jersey Christian Apologetics Conference

Each year, Ray Ciervo Ministries presents the New Jersey Christian Apologetics Conference. For three years we have had the privilege of Long Branch Covenant Church hosting the conference. Long Branch sits right on the Jersey Shore not more than an hour from Manhattan. It is easily reached by car (Garden State Parkway Exit 105) or trains from Penn Station.


Each year we have also had extraordinary speakers to help us understand the need for apologetics and the how to “do” apologetics. This year we have Dr. Bill Dembski of the Discovery Institute. Dr. Dembski has written over 20 books and numerous articles on the importance of understanding intelligent design  in the argument against a mindless, guideless, purposeless process called “natural selection.”


The culture wars today involving abortion, stem cell research, infanticide and euthanasia all spring from an understanding or misunderstanding of origins. The speakers at this conference are well equipped to impart extremely valuable information and “know-how” to help the church engage this culture.


Please consider attending the conference. We have made it as inexpensive as is possible for all people to come, especially students. Please seriously consider coming.


You can register at www.njconference.com




Ray Ciervo

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