Meet Ray

Name: Raymond (Ray) C. Ciervo

Age: 64

Birthday: April 3, 1948

College: Southern Evangelical Seminary

Major: Apologetics

Favorite Quote:

Better to illuminate than to merely shine, to deliver to others contemplated truths than to merely contemplate.

IIa-IIae, 188, 6,

My favorite links:

Reasonable Faith

This is Dr. Bill Craig’s site. Plenty of articles here, debates, and Q & A

Stand to Reason

This is Greg Koukl’s site. Another good site to visit.

Apologetics 315

Definitely one of my favorites. Lots of teaching, articles, debates, etc.

To The Source

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


Thomist Tacos.

Physicians and Surgeons for Scientific Integrity

Al Mohler’s Web Page

Carolyn McCulley

Josh McDowell


Who Am I?


I’m married with three grown children – seven grandchildren. I’m concerned with the way the world is going, especially as it concerns my grandkids. Watching our moral underpinnings come undone and knowing that many lack an education of the past is disturbing. This brings a blindness that keeps us from properly navigating the future. This is the blind leading the blind.

I’m in love with my wife, Joanne, of forty years. Yes, I’m married to the same woman for 40 years! A good marriage is hard work; anyone can have a lousy marriage. We both love being married to each other and count it a blessing to share our lives with others.

I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was not a ground soldier (say “Grunt”), but a support person for the South Vietnamese Air Force, 632nd Combat Support Group, Binh Thuy Air Base, Binh Thuy, South Vietnam. I worked as a liaison between the US Air Force and the South Vietnamese Air Force for some of my time, but functioned as a Crash Rescueman most of the time. My time in Vietnam contributed to my realization of the need for a lot to be fixed. I came to realize that only God could fix whatever needed fixin’.

I’ve been a pastor-teacher, church planter, conference speaker, taught seminars, trained leaders, and discipled men for thirty-five years. I’ve taught as an adjunct professor for an “adult degree completion program” for Winston Salem Bible College in NC. I enjoy the classroom immensely.

I’ve spent most of my life in the Northeast (Joanne and I are native New Yorkers), but have traveled to England (MANY TIMES!), Guyana (THERE TOO!), Costa Rica, Colombia and Tanzania for ministry purposes. Joanne and I spent almost 7 years in North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte (We loved it!). We now live in Central New Jersey.

I went back to school at the age of 52 to get my masters degree in apologetics. I graduated in 2002, summa cum laude. Not bad for an ol’ guy.

I’m trained as an “apologist,” a defender of the faith. I mostly deal with cultural apologetics, moral law, but love to engage the battle for ideas around evolution and creation. Human exceptionalism is a major focus of my studies.

Speaking of studies, I am pursuing a Doctor of Theology (PhD in Theology) from the South African Theological Seminary. Please pray for me!

I love theology and the classical theologians, like Augustine, Aquinas, Bonaventure, Anselm and the other great Medieval scholars. C.S. Lewis remains one of my top authors. There are many today that are also right on like, D. A. Carson and Al Mohler, to name two of my favorites. (Think I may change my name to R. C. Ciervo!) David Wells is one of my favorite authors. His ability to assess culture and constructively criticize the church are insightful and edifying. There are actually too many to mention, but I’ll try to name a few more: J Budziszewski and J. Daryl Charles (Moral Law), Wesley J Smith, (human exceptionalism).

There are others like my pastor and friend Charles Simpson, my one-time mentor and friend Norm Geisler,  and many others who have contributed to my life. I’m extremely thankful for all the people who have given me “stones” to build my house.

I continue to help build the church by speaking, training leaders, consulting, holding seminars and conferences and interacting with young people. I also continue to pastor pastors, mentor some men, counsel, and travel.

I’ve done a fair bit of helping campus ministry when I get invited. I love the interaction with young sharp minds and hearts. I count it a privilege to serve these young people who have the potential to change the world they’re born into.

I’m concerned with our (America’s) disregard for truth or the attempt to reinvent truth. I believe the church is the “pillar and support of the truth” and is responsible to guard it. I mean to help the church retain a healthy respect for “truth.”

Email: [email protected]

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