Sharing your faith is never easy!

In fact, most Christians don't share their faith.

The number one reason - FEAR!

I provide sound,  reasonable, relevant answers that build your faith and witness.

I totally understand this!

Fear of not having answers can paralyze us. Speaking with church people, campus groups, and having taught Bible college, I understand how unprepared we can be. 

I remedy that by providing sound, reasonable, relevant teaching on becoming a Christian case-maker.

Imagine having the answers to "why" you believe "what" you believe. 

Imagine not being caught flat-footed when someone questions your faith. Well, I have a solution for you!
There's a 5 lesson course on this site based on my 49 years ministry, designed to help you become a Christian case-maker. This is a course in apologetics which will lay the ground work for understanding how to discuss your faith with anyone seeking to know why you believe in Jesus Christ. Check out the offer hereThe cost is $39. 


When we are sharing our faith I don't believe that we should ever give a "pat answer!" A pat answer is a trite, glib, shot from the hip that is not well thought out.  But our answer should be sound, reasonable and relevant.

Here you'll find answers for teenagers questioning their faith, or you'll find answers for your faith! You'll also find discussion points that will lead you back to answers for believing that Jesus Christ is the answer to life's biggest questions

There are many resources here to build your faith and witness. Whether it is recommended reading, or a course to help you ground your faith in truth you'll find helpful direction.

Remember, Biblical teaching ought to lead us to Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. I trust that is what you'll encounter here.



This 5 week program is based on my 49 years of ministry and is designed to help you become a Christian case-maker. If you want instant access click the button below.


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