When we are sharing our faith I don't believe that we should ever give a "pat answer!" A pat answer is a trite, glib, shot from the hip that is not well thought out.  But our answer should be sound, reasonable and relevant.

Here you'll find answers for teenagers questioning their faith, or you'll find answers for your faith! You'll also find discussion points that will lead you back to answers for believing that Jesus Christ is the answer to life's biggest questions

There are many resources here to build your faith and witness. Whether it is recommended reading, or a course to help you ground your faith in truth you'll find helpful direction.

Remember, Biblical teaching ought to lead us to Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. I trust that is what you'll encounter here.

Imagine having the answers to "why" you believe "what" you believe.

Imagine not being caught flat footed when someone questions your faith. Well, welcome to my world! If you will allow me I can help you find the answers to the big questions in life. This course is designed to give you a foundation for learning to be a proficient case-maker for Jesus Christ.

Sharing your faith is never easy.

Sharing your faith can be daunting!
In fact, it's reported that most Christians do not share their faith.
The number one reason - FEAR!

Christians don't want to appear combative, nor do we want to be caught without an answer.

Ray understands this

Having worked with churches and campus groups, taught Bible college, Ray understands how unprepared we can be. He's sought to remedy that by providing relevant, clear teaching on becoming a Christian case-maker.

COMING SOON: Build Your Faith And Witness

This brand new 5 week program is based on my 46 years ministry and designed to help you become a Christian case-maker. If you want to be among the first to hear about this exciting new training register below and get on our wait list.


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